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Sun Nov 3 15:07:59 PST 2002

On Sunday 03 November 2002 04:48 pm, you wrote:

> >
> > Just finished setting up the mouse using USB.  The only difference
> > that i can see with what I did and what you did is that i didn't
> > compile any of the USB options.  I've had various problems with
> > modules in the past and consider it safer to just compile it into
> > the kernel, especially if it's something that's going get as
> > heavily used as USB is.
> hmmm, helps if i proofread my posts better before sending them. :)
> the line about compiling the USB options should say that i didn't
> compile any of the USB options as modules.

Damn, something wierd is going on here. I did NOT select any USB options 
as modules except for USB printer and mass storage. Yet some of them 
keep showing up in the config file as modules. Perhaps something is 
wrong with how I compile:

For first compile of 2.4.19 for LFS, I ran make mrproper, copied the 
.config file from my RH host into the source tree, ran make menuconfig 
and went through it making any obvious changes.

I then saved those new configurations to a file lfsconfig. Now when I 
recompile the kernel I start with a fresh source, run make mrproper 
again, then run make menuconfig and use the option to load an external 
configuration and type in lfsconfig.

I'm going to now recompile a fresh 2.4.19 kernel without loading any 
.config file. I'll just edit the defaults to suit, and be SURE the USB 
stuff is all compiled in.

By the way, attempting to load LFS with my RH 2.4.18* kernel just gave a 
lot of device not found errors and such, as expected.

David C.
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