graphics acceleration

Jochen Schröder jschrod at
Sun Nov 3 13:48:49 PST 2002

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> James Drabb wrote:
>> -O3 can considerably slow down the X server.  I never change the opts
>> for X since the X developers set good defaults for stability and 
>> speed. I think they would know the best way to optimize code then 
>> anyone else.
>> To give you an idea of how glxgears should run, I am using LFS 4.0 on a
>> P III 800 w/640 Mb and a Geforce 3 Ti 500.  With glxgears I get 3,200+
>> fps.
> Jim,
>  I think the resolution can change the benchmark considerably.  Try 
> making glxgears full screen or very small.  My screen is 1600x1200 and 
> the default gives me 2400 FPS.  I can reduce the window and get over 
> 6000 FPS or make it full screen and get 184 FPS.  Note that the 
> eye/brain can't see more than about 24-30 FPS.
>  -- Bruce
well mine is done at 1280x1024 at default size of the window. My 
computer is a athlon-xp 1800+ w/512MB and a GeForce3 Ti 200. I guess the 
optimizations when compiling X made the difference. Next time I just use 
the defaults, or might even do some benchmarking(if I have lot's of time 
;-) ). Have to install some other things first though (image magick, 
opendx). Just finished installing teTeX, ghostscript and gv (phuh!).

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