DRI compile problem

Martin Kavec kavec at messi.uku.fi
Fri Nov 1 12:08:02 PST 2002

Hi there,

I have difficulties to compile DRI according to latest BLFS book.
My system is LFS-4.0 with original kernel (2.4.19), X-4.2.1 and I am
trying to compile Voodoo3 kernel module.

The problem is that after DRI-CVS compilation there isn't tdfx.o
module in the folder which BLFS-book refers to (nor it is anywhere else
in the source tree). I find following in the World.log:

make[10]: Entering directory
=== KERNEL HEADERS IN /usr/include
=== Compiling for machine i686
=== WARNING Use 2.4.x kernels ONLY !

*** Kernel modules must be configured.  Build aborted.

The reason is pretty clear from the message, missing module
support in my kernel. However, I am sure that I am running modular kernel.
I can even find tdfx.o module compiled in /lib/modules/2.4.19/.... folder.

Anyone has an idea, what is going wrong? Thanks.


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