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Fri Nov 1 08:45:24 PST 2002

On Friday 01 November 2002 05:44 am, you wrote:
> * Declan Moriarty <declan.moriarty at> [2002-11-01 09:01]:
> > Was it Carsten Gehrke who wrote on Thursday 31 October 2002 21:14:
> > > >There's an unwritten rule with linux. Whatever you can't do has
> > > > been documented in some out of the way place.
> > > >http://hints/
> > >
> > > Shouldn't that be:
> > >
> >
> > Er,  ... Yes.  It looks a little better that way. Might even work
> > ;-). Who put the forward slash beside the full stop on the keyboard
> > anyway?
> Not any more. That url gives 'Error 404: Page not found'.
> If you try: you get:
> Main server offline, some services are suspended for the time being.
> Then you are invited to try some mirrors. They all give the same url
> for hints:
> If you want to avoid this cycle, you must guess the correct url
> for the mirror, bearing in mind some of the mirrors do (did?) not
> support ftp. There was a page that said where the ftp mirrors were,
> but I cannot find that anymore. I have been using this mirror:
> Richard
I suppose I could host the main domain for a few months as long as the 
bandwidth requirements stay under about 10gigs/mo. I know that's 
nowhere near enough to handle the ftp traffic, but perhaps it can at 
least host a fully functional primary site with working links to 

I read about LFS's problems with their host. If my offer is silly, I 
apologize, I'd just like to help any way I can.

By the way, this is no home server on a DSL line. It is located in a 
true NOC with multiple high speed connections to the net backbone, and 
is rock solid. It's a paid hosting account I use for various projects, 
but is unused for now and will be for several months.

I am willing to make any needed domain/MX/etc changes needed.

Just let me know.
David C.
Linux user #277013
david at desolateonline dot com
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