Xine guru needed

Mike Hildebrandt mikeh at
Wed Oct 31 14:35:42 PST 2001

> From: Steve Bougerolle
> > > For example, DVDNAV will NOT play the fourth episode of
> > > Fawlty Towers, on
> > > the first disk (and that was one of the best, so I was quite
> > > annoyed by
> > > that).
> The menu shows up and I can select any episode, but it can't
> find episode 4
> to play and skips back to episode 1.  The first three all work OK.

Hmm... I'll install Xine & dvdnav tonight and see what happens for me.  From
the sounds of it, it doesn't looks like it's a problem with the menus after
all.  You might just be the unlucky recipient of a bad disk.  =(  But, let's
reserve judgement until we see my results with Xine/dvdnav.

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