Nautilus & Bonobo: Make error

Sanjuro Europe sanjuro_e at
Wed Oct 31 12:38:46 PST 2001

In order to compile Nautilus with Mozilla support I did this far:

Create sym dirs (Mozilla is in /usr/local/mozilla)

/usr/local/bin/mozilla -> /usr/local/mozilla/bin
/usr/local/lib/mozilla -> /usr/local/mozilla/lib
/usr/local/include/mozilla -> /usr/local/mozilla/include

And I changed line 7283 in the nautilus configure into:

	if true

So it won't complain about not finding Mozilla >= 0.9.5.

Now the configure scripts find mozilla.

All nautilus components seem to compile fine, but at the end I get about 
  500 lines of error messages. I included the first 100 as an 
attachment. All 500 seem to have something to do with bonobo. I 
installed bonobo 1.0.12 without any special options. Other progams 
compile fine with bonobo.

What can be wrong?

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