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elko elko at
Wed Oct 31 08:03:58 PST 2001

On Wednesday 31 October 2001 16:28, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> > where do you get nc these days?
> Wow, that nice little util just disappeared off the face of the earth
> now didn't it...

I agree, it's hard to find, the links on
do not seem to help very much, as does Google (not).

> Hmm, found it @

That one doesn't seem to work:

[elko at ElkOS ~/compilerhell/nc]$ tar xzvf nc110.tgz
tar: Child died with signal 11
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

> There's a new version here supporting IPv6: (scroll to bottom)

yes, at

> Yea, and nice to always recomend ssh but sometimes the silly admin
> must deal with silly hardware that just doesn't suport it.  eg.
> routers

If you need encryption, use cryptcat:

I can't remember where I got `nc' from, but I have the real one here:

Another one, tcpcat:

PS: for all of you who don't know what netcat is, read this first:


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