KDE and Java plugins

Gregory Davis gdavis7 at umbc.edu
Wed Oct 31 07:18:41 PST 2001

Chris Lingard wrote:

> My I ask you experts another question.  My Konqueror has the flash plugins
> loaded in .netscape/plugins.  It can "see" the plugins when i use the
> configure/netscape stuff;  but they do not work.  The macromedia site does
> not load properly.
> Do I need java too?  I think I may need some sort of JDK thing installed
> to
> give me java and javac.  Is this right?
> Chris

I was hoping someone else would have answered this, but it is a problem 
that lots of people have (myself including).  I can tell you that you 
should have, though it is not required, a java virtual machine on your 
computer in order to run web page java.  I can only find prebuilt 
distributions and the one that KDE suggests is Blackdown JRE (Java Runtime 
Environment) 1.3.1.  You basically get their tarball, and unpack it right 
into /usr or /usr/local.  Then you point your path to 
/path/to/jre-1.3.1/bin and when konqueror needs java, it simply says: 
"java!" and java magically appears.

Flash plugin... I don't know if that's related to java or its just a bug in 
Konqueror.  Furthermore, it just may be something that runs for netscape 
and not clones.

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