Glide3 compile troubles

deXter Rutecki deXter at
Wed Oct 31 05:00:43 PST 2001

Martin Kavec wrote:

> Well, 
> 	if I suppose to say something as to a reply to my question, I would say that 
> all the LFS3.0 packages (besides those mentioned in LFS book - gcc, glibc, 
> binutils,...) were compiled with "-O3 -march=i686 -mcpu=i686". For glide3x 
> compilation I used those optimizations mentioned in DRI-hint.
> Regards,
> Martin
>>Well now I got glide to compile nicely for the first time since i
>>started out with LFS. I followed the instructions from the DRI hint and
>>did /ltconfig however now i cannot run my GLApps any more
>>glxgears segfaults and Q3 hangs the computer.
>>I seem to recall someone saying not to compile Glide3 with
>>optimizations. If that is the problem i suggest that someone with access
>>update the dri hint.
>>If it's not? Is there anyone out there with ideas to what it might be?
>>Do I have to recompile X or the drm module with the new glide?

And you have tried some GL apps (like glxgears) and they work fine?

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