Glide Compile Problems

Mike B. thaz at
Wed Oct 31 04:53:19 PST 2001

The only way I've been able to get a Glide lib to compile AND NOT Segfault is to do this(taken from my scripts:

build () {
        mv swlibs glide3x
        chmod +x glide3x/swlibs/include/make/ostype
    ( cd glide3x/h3/minihwc ; ln -s linhwc.c.dri linhwc.c )
    ( cd glide3x/h3/glide3/src ; ln -s gglide.c.dri gglide.c )
    ( cd glide3x/h3/glide3/src ; ln -s gsst.c.dri gsst.c)
    ( cd glide3x/h3/glide3/src ; ln -s glfb.c.dri glfb.c )
        cd glide3x
        sed 's/m486/m486/' swlibs/include/make/3dfx.linux.mak > tmp~
        mv tmp~ swlibs/include/make/3dfx.linux.mak

    make -f makefile.linux
    mkdir -p $PKG/usr/lib
        mkdir -p $PKG/usr/include/glide3
        cp -ax h3/lib/libglide* $PKG/usr/lib
        cp -ax swlibs/include/*.h $PKG/usr/include/glide3
        cp -ax h3/include/*.h $PKG/usr/include/glide3

This will get you a working library.  You do need to make sure that CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS are unset before doing this.

Hope it helps, 


My apologies for replying on a non-threaded client

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