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Tue Oct 30 17:50:36 PST 2001

10/30/01 12:53:38 PM, "The Spider" <betelguese at> wrote:

>How i can obtain that some devices present in etc/fstab (like cdrom and floppy) are not mounted when booting ?
>Something tells me it's simple but i'm not right tuned...
> Thanks,
>                   Stefano  "The Spider"  Ragno.

In the options section, where one normally writes default, at the 'noauto' parameter, such that you would have:

/dev/hda1	/		defaults	1 1	# A regular entry, mounted at boot
/dev/fd0		/mnt/floppy	defaults,noauto 1 1	# An entry that won't be mounted at boot

JFYI, the 'noauto' switch is called such because the entry is skipped when mount is called with the auto switch (mount -a) in the bootscripts, 
where it automatically mounts most drives. (Guess that one doesn't need any explanation :)


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