KDE and Java plugins

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 13:22:49 PST 2001

>> As long as you setup your ALSA distribution to use OSS emulation (by
>> using
>>their OSS mixer module), you should be fine.  Once you have everything
>>compiled, enter into the "sound server" setup, which is in "preferences"
Thanks Bjorn, Gregory and Jan

My sound now works properly.  Got the right driver too with alsa, complete 
with a harp player :-)

My I ask you experts another question.  My Konqueror has the flash plugins 
loaded in .netscape/plugins.  It can "see" the plugins when i use the 
configure/netscape stuff;  but they do not work.  The macromedia site does 
not load properly.

Do I need java too?  I think I may need some sort of JDK thing installed to 
give me java and javac.  Is this right?


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