Xine guru needed

The Spider betelguese at
Tue Oct 30 11:05:05 PST 2001

This is for multimedia gurus.

      I have a strange behaviour from the player:when it arrives at the end of
      one chapter it stops for many seconds and the resume playing but the video
      and the audio output is not syncronized at all!!!

      Fisrt i had to say some things:

        1 I have a PIII 600 with a Radeon 64mb and a snd-blaster live.
        2 I run Linux Xfree 4.1.0 with kernel 2.4.13 with snd-blaster and
          radeon and dri support.
        3 I don't have alsa installed so player uses oss.
        4 I run xine 0.43 with dvd plugin packaged (complete-xine-0.43)
        5 I run my linux-from-scratch kde2.2.1 glibc2.2.4 imlib1.9.10
        6 When i was using other distros (e.g. Mandrake) the player worked fine.

      After this intro this is the message i got from the shell:

 ".....unable to open raw dvd device (/dev/rdvd):no such file or directory
  demux_mpeg_block:checking if we can branch to dvd://t0c1t1
  input_dvd:is branch possible to dvd://t0c1t1 ?
  input_dvd:branching is possible
  input_dvd:input_plugin_open >dvd://t0c1t1<
  input_dvd:input_plugin_open media type correct. file names is t0c1t1
  IFO_mode playing title from chapter 1 -> chapter 1
  Using ifo VTS_01_0.IFO..."

  Than resumes with the message:
  "..Input length......
  335 frames delivered ......"

 Now the video and audio are completely out of sync.
 I also have to add that scanning the dvd is unusual slow!

 Anyone has a solution for this problem??

  Sorry for boring with this long message.


Stefano  "The Spider"  Ragno

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