Enlightenment troubles

Marc Heerdink marc at koelkast.net
Tue Oct 30 10:20:16 PST 2001

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:45:02 +0100, "Øyvind Jakobsen" <xenios at chello.no> muttered:
> /convert: No such file or directory
> /convert: No such file or directory
> /anytopnm: No such file or directory
> IMLIB ERROR: Cannot load image: /usr/local/share/Eterm/pix/backwave.jpg
> All fallbacks failed.
> Eterm:  Unable to load image file "backwave.jpg"
> Eterm:  grantpt(4) failed:  No such file or directory
> ------
> I'm getting theese error messages whenever I start up Xfree (4.1.0) with
> enlightenment as window manager, I dont know what to do actually to fix
> it.
> All I know is that the images are there and should be working but their
> not.
> My enlightenment refuses to use any kind of .jpg images.
> Dont know if this is the place to ask for help but I thought I could try
> :)

The "convert" messages are caused by a missing ImageMagick (search fmII). The other messages may indicate that imlib didn't link (correctly) to libjpeg. You _did_ install libjpeg right? ;)

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Marc Heerdink
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