Testers wanted for ide-floppy patch

Skip Gaede sgaede at mediaone.net
Mon Oct 29 16:13:28 PST 2001

Jason Gurtz wrote:

>> I have a patch to the ide-floppy driver, specific for the
>> Iomega Zip 100
>> ATAPI drive, that I'd like to see tested. The patch is for the driver
>> 0.97.sv, which was released starting with the 2.4.7 kernel.
> Would it work with a 250MB IDE Zip drive also?
>> [...] My patch inserts a constant, but
>> adjustable, delay before writing the packet command. By
>> default, the delay
>> is 3 ticks in duration (33-50 msec). The delay can be
>> adjusted by writing
>> the desired value in the settings file in the /proc filesystem.
> Now to think of a way of auto testing to find and auto-configure the
> "write" value  ;)
> slight pun intended....
> Seems like this must be a chipset specific issue, mine's on a BX board
> and I don't remember having any issues other than lilo spitting out
> errors al the time, even thou I'm not writing to it.  (mine is /dev/hda)
> ~Jason
> --
Yes, it would work with a ZIP 250, but the code is currently enabled based 
on the information returned in the identify command: (a bit is set, 
IDEFLOPPY_ZIP_DRIVE) that enables the alternate path. If one were to move 
the line setting the bit out of the ZIP 100 specific code... (Seriously, if 
someone wants a version that works with any ATAPI drive, I can make a patch 
specific for whatever is needed...)

Chipset specificity: According to Iomega, this may be a Southbridge 
specific issue. There are several complaints on the Via web site about poor 
performance with the Zip drives and a new set of drivers has been released 
for Windows :-)

My chip is the VIA82C686 if I remember correctly.

Auto setting of the value: I think the value can be set and then forgotten 
about. I included the /proc interface for ease in testing. If you find a 
different number that works for you, an echo in rc.local ought to keep you 
running smoothly.

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