NFS-mounting goes BAD :-(

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Mon Oct 29 16:05:05 PST 2001

If you start them exactly like this:

> rpc.mountd
> rpc.nfsd 8
> rpc.statd

Then you already have one problem.  Before rpc.mountd, run the command
"/usr/sbin/exportfs -a"  That one had me going for a while when I first ran
into it.

> hosts

> ----------------------------------------------------
>       localhost       localhost
>  LFS-station     LFS-station

>From what I remember, the purpose of /etc/hosts is a DNS shortcut list, so
I don't know that it achieves anything to simply list an IP address in it
with no name.  Give a name and see what happens.  I have also
got those permission denied errors because the server couldn't look up a
host NAME specifically for a client.

> This leads me to the question why I can't mount when I give
> permission...???

Probably one or both of those two things.

Also, /usr IS ext2, right?  That's my latest problem, trying to figure out
how I can export TMPFS (or do the equivalent).

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