dependencies error with NVidia driver !!

Marco Rinck marco at
Mon Oct 29 12:39:05 PST 2001

* Luqman Munawar <Luqman.m at> [011029 20:04]:
> I see following error while I try to install NVidia driver for my Geforce 2 MX graphics card. 
> I put in : rpm -ihv NVidia.xxxxxxx.rpm
> error message: 
 "error: failed dependencies: 
>                   NVIDIA_GLX conflicts with mesasoft-3.4-7 "
> Actually, I have another nv driver installed which works fine but I want to switch to Geforce 2 MX driver bc it IS THE right driver for my video card.

The reason for this message is because the NVIDIA usually conflicts
with an installed MESA because both packages have its own
implementation of OPENGL. Unfortunately some other packages are
depending on MESA even if its not needed. I think you can safely
ignore this message and install the NVIDIA packages with --force
option, maybe it works only with --nodeps.

As said before you can alternativly install it via the tar.gz archive.


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