Testers wanted for ide-floppy patch

Skip Gaede sgaede at mediaone.net
Mon Oct 29 11:50:56 PST 2001


I have a patch to the ide-floppy driver, specific for the Iomega Zip 100 
ATAPI drive, that I'd like to see tested. The patch is for the driver 
0.97.sv, which was released starting with the 2.4.7 kernel.

My hardware:

ASUS A7V133 Motherboard
Athlon 1200 Mhz processor
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controller (2 SCSI drives)
Adaptec CD-RW drive on Primary IDE controller
Iomega ZIP 100 drive on Secondary IDE controller

Problem description:

Set BIOS to handle Zip drive as a small hard disk
Use fdisk to create single ext2 partition in p1
mke2fs /dev/hdc1

After a few minutes, the driver will start reporting missing interrupts.

What my patch does:

The lost interrupt occurs because the device says that it is ready to 
receive a packet command, when in fact, it is necessary to wait a while 
before writing the packet command. My patch inserts a constant, but 
adjustable, delay before writing the packet command. By default, the delay 
is 3 ticks in duration (33-50 msec). The delay can be adjusted by writing 
the desired value in the settings file in the /proc filesystem.

My drive is hdc.

cd /proc/ide/hdc && cat settings

There is a variable, ticks, which should be set to the value "3". To change 

echo "ticks:10" >settings

This sets the value to 10. On my system, setting it to 2 results in lost 
interrupts. I have no problems when the delay is set to 10, but the format 
operation will take a bit longer.

Stress test:

while true; do mke2fs /dev/hdc1; done

If anyone has similar equipment and trys the patch, I'd be interested in 
hearing from you. I've submitted the patch to Paul Bristow, the official 
maintainer for the driver.

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