Crash building XFree86

Chris Lingard chris at
Mon Oct 29 11:41:45 PST 2001

J.A. Neitzel wrote:

> Jeriko One wrote:
>> I've got exactly the same error (don't know anymore which X version it
>> was). But since I wanted to use KDE, that doesn't need the xclock
>> application, I commented the "install" part in the Makefile of xclock
>> out, so nothing will be installed. I've used Enlightenment, Blackbox,
>> KDE, IceWM and TWM (;P) on that compiled version, no critical errors so
>> far.
You need the line
#include <time.h>
You can put it into ClockP.h;  there is a comment there but it is an old 
program and it puts in the wrong (obsolete) include

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