New to blfs support and key question

William WAISSE wwaisse at
Mon Oct 29 09:11:39 PST 2001


 I'm a new user of LFS.

 First of all, Thank you for LFS and BLFS.

 It's a real happyness creating a LFS ( It's like a baby ;-) and
it's really worth the hours of compiling.

 My LFS system is now booting in 10 seconds !

 Everything is OK, exepting a very little problem :

 I got my fr-latin1 azerty keyboard working, but some keys
don't work :

 The del key  ( but backspace is ok ).
 The key that goes to end of line.
( I don't have the english name of this key )

 And perhaps some Others I haven't seen by now.

 Another question, why not including gpm in standard lfs 
system ( packages ), it was the only thing really missing for me.

PS: Sorry if my English is not always the best ( I'mFrench ;-)
cordialement,  William WAISSE fpr = 9CCD 7DA2 7050 8805 F471  03D1 DF76 B78C 
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