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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Sat Oct 27 18:27:00 PDT 2001

Craig Colton wrote:
<snippetydoda />
>> Hmmm, at least now I can say that I know what wvdial is... =)
>> Still, I will stick with plain old pppd without any happy
>> extras like wvdial.

<snippetydoda />

>> All WITHOUT a GUI or some other program. I know, wvdial is _not_ a
>> GUI proggie... This is just my sales pitch for PPPD =)
> After crafting a working pppd script, I guess I can see now why a LFSer might
> be offended by the suggestion of wvdial.

Offended??? Not me... I'm not offended one bit.

> In my defense though, my ISP will
> charge me the same inflated flat fee no matter what. Frankly, Linux can
> sometimes be an overwhelming challenge. The intricacies of ppp is
> something I haven't addressed yet (bigger rats to kill?).

IMO, these are pleasant challenges =) I've never let myself become
overwhelmed by Linux. It's just a UNIX. UNIX is good. UNIX is
intuitive to the last...

2 pennies from me.
/me loves UNIX

Indeed, one must consider the "bigger rats to kill" phenomenon.

> As for shell programming, I can sum up my skills in two words - I suck :)
> (but I'm working on it).

That's all you *can* do. Work on it little bits at a time. Each small
thing you learn adds to the bigger understanding. Never stop
learning. Isn't that like the motto of life?

Have fun =)

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