GConf make error (poptGetContext)

Sanjuro Europe sanjuro_e at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 27 11:16:09 PDT 2001

I got popt to compile now. For some reason the --disable-static caused 
the compilation of the tests to compile.

But GConf (i got 1.0.6 now, the mirror i used was not up to date) still 
gives the same error when compiling. Any ideas?


Sanjuro Europe wrote:

> Menno Boer wrote:
>> well, GConf 1.0.6 will build on a normal gnome install, with a little
>> change, but in your case .. did popt indeed install correctly?? 
>> because that
>> will be mostly the problem I think..
> It did compile fine at the time, but I tried to compile it and now it 
> just hangs when compiling test1.c.
> I had a power failure today could that have damaged some files? If so 
> how do I find out which?
> Sanjuro

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