Various problems with Asus CUV266-D involving SMP, TMP FS and RAM disk

Michael Brömer mib at
Fri Oct 26 20:20:46 PDT 2001

On Saturday, 27. October 2001 03:12, you wrote:
> 1) SMP doesn't work.  I've tried kernels 2.4.9 (what I'm using now) and
> 2.4.12.  In either case it locks up on boot...

I use a CUV4X-D and that lockups at boottime when the BIOS option
"MPS 1.4 Support" was enabled. You might try to disable this option.
AFAIK this option is enabled by default with all ASUS dual boards.

> 2) This box has 2 GB of memory because I want to use 1.5 of it to make a
> huge ram disk to speed up 

I do not think you will gain much doing so. Linux will use all available 
memory for caching anyway.

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