Various problems with Asus CUV266-D involving SMP, TMP FS and RAM disk

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Fri Oct 26 18:12:26 PDT 2001

I've just built a new file server using an Asus CUV266-D motherboard
(that's a Via VT8633 chipset driving two P3s and 2 Gig of memory).  The
basic functions work but I'm having trouble getting some of the goodies

1) SMP doesn't work.  I've tried kernels 2.4.9 (what I'm using now) and
2.4.12.  In either case it locks up on boot, usually somewhere around the
point where it activates the NET4 code (NOT always at the same place, even
using the same kernel).  If I compile the kernel using the exact same
switches except for SMP, it works.  Power management is completely off, in
both the kernel and BIOS.  The special clock switch is turned on.  Is
anyone familiar with this board and/or these sorts of problems?

2) This box has 2 GB of memory because I want to use 1.5 of it to make a
huge ram disk to speed up our most common sorts of network file access
(internal web pages and install images).  However, RAM disk itself doesn't
work.  I can't zero out the devices because it sets them up with weird
small sizes, then runs out of space trying to build e2fs.  Almost exactly
the same system works on my test server at home and RAM disks work fine on
my main box, so I suspect this is some weird feature of the chipset again,
somehow.  It is also possible that something got permanently messed up
while experimenting with earlier kernel versions, although I don't see how.
 Any insight will be appreciated.

3) I've been trying to work around the RAM disk problem by using TMPFS. 
This works halfway; the file system gets set up no problem and SAMBA shares
it nicely with our Windows machines.  NFS won't export it, however.  I'm
not sure what the problem is; if it's just basically not supported or if it
is supported and I'm doing something wrong.  The filesystem is mounted on
/dev/shm, and I'm exporting /dev/shm (and yes, I remembered to run export
-a and all that).  When I try to mount it from a network machine I get
"Permission denied" but the permissions are OK (and if they weren't SAMBA
would barf on them).  Can this be done?  Do I need to export "tmpfs"
instead of "/dev/shm" somehow?  Is there some other trick?

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