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Thu Oct 25 16:51:22 PDT 2001

DHCP just requires that u use DHCP under netconf, 

xConfig mode           x(o) Manual ( ) Dhcp ( ) Bootp 

Think about it :)

Edward Pinski

> > What setting do I have to configure in netconf to see the network? I can
> > already ping the DNS server and people
> > can ping me but can,t FTP or Telnet in. I,am using RH 7.1 with no
> > firewall.
> I don't know in exactly which box you enter what using netconf, but here's
> a couple ideas:
> 1) IF you mean that you can't telnet or FTP to Internet sites, the problem
> is probably that you don't have a gateway defined.  Somewhere in netconf
> there'll be a box that says Gateway or Router, and in that you have to put
> the right address, which is USUALLY but that's not at all
> guaranteed.  Ask your network manager.
> 2) IF you mean that you want people to telnet to your box, do this:
> To get FTPD and TELNETD going, run setup instead of netconf and look under
> "system services".  I don't remember if they have entries of their own;
> they're usually started by INETD or XINETD.  Make sure one of the latter
> two is running (INETD is a bit easier to start).
> There's a file /etc/inetd.conf which lists all the things people are
> allowed to do.  Make sure ftpd & telnetd are ON in that list (ie, make sure
> there isn't a # character at the beginning).
> Also, FTPD & TELNETD open the door for security worries.  Make sure
> everybody has sensible passwords, and set up the host access files
> /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny.  Also think about using ipchains or
> iptables.  This will get to be a big job quickly.
> 3) On to other stuff:
> > 1.Exchange mail server.
> Don't know anything about this, sorry.
> > 2. Novell network - file sharing what type fram do I have to use?.
> NCP.  There's a kernel entry under "Network file systems" that has to be
> configured.
> > 3. Where do I put the IP addres of  the proxy server that give you
> > access to the outside world?
> Assuming you mean a web proxy, it goes in Mozilla or Netscape under the
> "advanced settings".
> > 4. DHCP server.
> No idea.
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