Linux box on the LAN

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Thu Oct 25 15:21:54 PDT 2001

> What setting do I have to configure in netconf to see the network? I can
> already ping the DNS server and people
> can ping me but can,t FTP or Telnet in. I,am using RH 7.1 with no
> firewall.

I don't know in exactly which box you enter what using netconf, but here's
a couple ideas:

1) IF you mean that you can't telnet or FTP to Internet sites, the problem
is probably that you don't have a gateway defined.  Somewhere in netconf
there'll be a box that says Gateway or Router, and in that you have to put
the right address, which is USUALLY but that's not at all
guaranteed.  Ask your network manager.

2) IF you mean that you want people to telnet to your box, do this:

To get FTPD and TELNETD going, run setup instead of netconf and look under
"system services".  I don't remember if they have entries of their own;
they're usually started by INETD or XINETD.  Make sure one of the latter
two is running (INETD is a bit easier to start).

There's a file /etc/inetd.conf which lists all the things people are
allowed to do.  Make sure ftpd & telnetd are ON in that list (ie, make sure
there isn't a # character at the beginning).

Also, FTPD & TELNETD open the door for security worries.  Make sure
everybody has sensible passwords, and set up the host access files
/etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny.  Also think about using ipchains or
iptables.  This will get to be a big job quickly.

3) On to other stuff:

> 1.Exchange mail server.

Don't know anything about this, sorry.

> 2. Novell network - file sharing what type fram do I have to use?.

NCP.  There's a kernel entry under "Network file systems" that has to be

> 3. Where do I put the IP addres of  the proxy server that give you
> access to the outside world?

Assuming you mean a web proxy, it goes in Mozilla or Netscape under the
"advanced settings".

> 4. DHCP server.

No idea.

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