lfs on a 386 system

Nicholas Dille rakshas at quietu.de
Thu Oct 25 06:22:55 PDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 02:41:57PM -0700, suser wrote:
> But the lfs optimization hint says:
> 'On Intel platforms software is compiled for i386 processors by default.'
> Is this not true?

although i've never heard any reasoning for that statement i imagine
that it refers to plain old manual compilation like 'gcc -o foo foo.c'

> I barely have any experience but i guess that a well-designed package should
> have no -march and -mcpu parameters set by default, and, thus compile for
> i386. (and the hint confirms this guess)

today most packages use autoconf to create a sane compilation
environment and usually automatically determine the underlying
architecture to optimize for that architecture.

please note that -mcpu=i686 does still produce binaries which run on
i386 but will run optimally on i686. it optimizes alignment and that
in your case -march=i686 is your enemy which creates i686 optimized

> Or is it that the compiler is by default compiling for some architecture
> wich it has detected during its installation? (also seems unlikely to me)

see above

> Maybe you could remember and tell me at least in what maillist I should look
> for it?

instead of browsing the ml archives your could read my 'crosscompiling
on ix86 architectures' hint.
it should fit your needs.


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