lfs on a 386 system

suser kandys at xxx.lt
Thu Oct 25 12:58:21 PDT 2001


Sorry if this is an off-toppic or smth in this maillist but I desperately
need help.

I'm trying to build an lfs for an old i386 computer using lfs book ver. 3.0
(I need a server in my LAN).
To save myself a few weeks I've built everything on my AMD Duron
system(uname -m gives 'i686' ).
I've successfully built the lfs on a separate harddrive and everything works
just fine on my AMD system, so I install the hdd in the 386 computer but I
can't boot normally.
This is what happens:
lilo seems to do his work ok
I'm seeing all those boot messages on the screen and the last line i see is
'Freeing unused kernel memory: 68k freed'
after that i expect to see
'INIT version X.XX booting'
but that won't happen. The system just stops and nothing happens ( I can
still type some garbage to the screen).

I have used no optimizations during the build. I just typed the commands
from the book. The kernel is compiled for the i386.

I've tried to recompile the package sysvinit with the '-O2' changed to '-O0'
in the variable CFLAGS in the sysvinit/Makefile, but that doesn't help.

It's not that something is very wrong with the 386 machine itself - I've
installed successfully RedHat 6.2 on it and RedHat bootdisks boot ok on it.

Please, help.

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