Mozilla, Nautilus & Java

Jan Hagen jan.hagen at
Wed Oct 24 23:57:30 PDT 2001

On 2001.10.24 17:31 Sanjuro Europe wrote:
> Did someone find a way yet to compile Mozilla so Nautilus can use it and 
> so the Java plugin will work?
> Sanjuro

I didn't manage to compile mozilla-0.9.5 (0.9.4 worked). I'm using a 
binary  distribution of mozilla-0.9.5 and copied the include files from 
the source release.  Then I had to set the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME variable to 
the right location. I compiled nautilus with the folowing options:
export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/local/Packages/Internet/Mozilla/
configue --prefix=/usrlocal/Packages/Misc/nautilus  
&& make && make install

The java-plugin worked without problem. You install it by starting mozilla 
-> select open file -> open the plugin.
Or you could uncompress the files ( I forgot how) and put the files into 
the plugin directory.
I hope tis help.

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