Shadow + PAM Problem

Bryan K. Lawrence krystopher at
Wed Oct 24 18:15:28 PDT 2001

Bryan K. Lawrence wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am having a small problem with PAM and Shadow Passwords.  When I try
> groupadd or groupdel, I get this message:
> groupadd: PAM chauthtok failed
> My pam.d/shadow file is:
> auth            sufficient
> account         required      
> password        required       shadow md5 use_authtok
> This is basically the sample file given with the shadow sources.
> It should benoted that the groups DO get created and deleted properly, its
> just that the above message is displayed as well.
> If anyone can suggest some solutions to this error, it would be
> appreciated.
> THanks much,
> Krys

I guess no one knows what I'm talking about or no one has a solution.  I 
guess I'll have to live with the messages for now. oh well.


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