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Marc Heerdink marc at koelkast.net
Wed Oct 24 16:20:23 PDT 2001

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 18:40:23 -0400, Craig Colton <meerkats at bellsouth.net> muttered:
> On Wednesday 24 October 2001 08:32 am, you wrote:
> > > i have a 56k external modem and i would like to connect to internet.
> > > Can someone tell me what packages i need to download and where to
> > > download?
> >
> > You may need setserial to set the irq for the serial port of your
> modem
> > and you will definitely need pppd. I don't know download locations,
> but
> > they appear first or almost when you search google for the packages'
> > names.
> >
> > You will also need to enable PPP in your kernel.
> Don't forget wvdial :)

wvdial? I guess yer just kidding here right?

PPPd has all the stuff you'll ever want, and it's not too hard to config either (eg someone who did LFS should be able to tackle PPPd as well). Wvdial is IMO more for distros and for the "I just want it to work (at least, a bit) and I don't care if it's an ugly solution"-people...

My EURO 0.02 (how can I get this euro sign? I'm too lazy to find out for myself..)

There is no programming language, no matter how structured,
that will prevent programmers from writing bad programs.
- L. Flon

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