DVD Players (WAS RE: Some thoughts after finished installation)

Mike Hildebrandt mikeh at insight.org
Mon Oct 22 08:38:54 PDT 2001

> From:  Daniel Roethlisberger
> Mike Hildebrandt <mikeh at insight.org> wrote:
> > The latest version of Ogle
> [...]
> > Apparently it's the only Linux DVD player that supports DVD
> > menus, or so I've heard anyway.
> Xine supports DVD menus nicely too (dvdnav plugin).

I'll have to check it out then.  Does anyone know off-hand if the Star Wars:
The Phantom Menace menus work right in Xine (i.e. it has three menu themes
that it randomly chooses each time you play it - right now Ogle only wants
to play the first one.)?

Also, how's Xine's video quality?  Does it support deinterlacing?  I was
watching some Fawlty Towers on the weekend and the interlaced video started
to get annoying after a while - but not quite annoying enough to make be
reboot to "that other OS" to watch it.  ;)

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