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> >I'd like to install Flash player under Konqueror, do I need to setup
> >mozilla as well and install it under plugins directory, or konqueror is
> >able to deal with it?
> >Thanks,
> You need lesstiff installed before you compiled kdebase. Then, unpack the
> flash plugin under some directory you use for plugins, and setup konqueror
> to include this directory in the search path. It will then be able to find
> it and use it. No need for mozilla.

I put the .class and the .so files in a dir and added that dir to konqueror 
path, but i'm not sure if i made correctly.
Where the two files go? In "Netscape plugins" or in "File association"?
Both of that files must be added?
I made some experiments with the two setting under konqueror and the two 
files, but without results.
Many thanks,


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