Asus 7700 Deluxe

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Sat Oct 20 21:26:54 PDT 2001

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>Good Evening Everyone.
>I have the above mentioned card.  Has anyone else used this card in
>linux?  If so have you been able to get the video in feature to work so
>that you can watch video from a external vcr source?
>Not knowing where to start with this has kept me from putting LFS on my
>desktop system.
>Is it possible?

Do you know which chipset this card uses? If you don't know, try looking 
inside the case of your PC and write down what the large chips on your 
video-adapter says.
With chipset-info it's a lot easier to find out if Video4linux supports 
this card at all.

(As a sidenote, I've recieved only *one* mail from this list the last 8 
hours. I don't believe this list is *that* quiet that long. Or is it?)

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