How does cvs work?

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Thu Oct 18 17:40:52 PDT 2001

Chris Lingard wrote:

> J.A. Neitzel wrote:

>> Any chance you can specify exactly what you would like to be doing
>> here? From what you have written, it looks to me like you want to
>> access the CVS at
> I thought I could check out lfs-hints and the LFS book.  I have an obselete
> version of both.  My idea was to check in my old hints and book onto this
> CVS.  Then get your machine just to send the differences.  I remember
> checking out a huge source tree, several years ago,  and it just sent
> differences.

I see. Yes you can do this. cvs update

>> But, you have also setup a repository on your local machine. Your
>> local repository and the repository at have
>> nothing to do with one another unless I am missing something.
>> You don't need a local repository to access a remote repository.
> To cut down on internet access, my telephone lines ofter break contact I
> wanted to update my documentation.

Ooh, that is no fun =(

> I have built a clean version of cvs-20010926-0930; but do not have the bew
> book or hints.

You could do a cvs update if you have the source tree that you have
checked-out before. So, when you do a checkout be sure to keep the
tree that you get. Then you can just do a cvs update instead of a
checkout. Save those expenses; I understand.

FWIW, you still don't need a local repository to do this. Of course,
you may very well want your local repository for other things.

Have fun =)

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