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Marco Rinck marco at
Thu Oct 18 10:27:22 PDT 2001

* Menno Boer <mboer at> [011018 13:01]:
> though I must warn you even that isn't always accurate... consider
> Gnome-utils needs the following,,, gdbm and gmp and so on... which aren't
> even mentioned on (btw they can be taken from
> )
> Still there are more dependencies laying about that you can walk into....

Ok, I have begun to to install GNOME following the hint and now I have
a big problem. Firstly I forgot to install libxml, only libxml2 was
installed (from my KDE install). gnome-print said me so as I run its
configure script. Ok, I have downloaded and installed, "ldconfig
-v|grep xml" show both libraries. But configure says the following

checking for gnome-config... (cached) /opt/GNOME/bin/gnome-config
Unknown library `xml'
checking for xmlNewDoc in -lxml... Unknown library `xml'
Unknown library `xml'
checking for libxml (gnome-xml) version >= 1.8.8... Unknown library
configure: error: You need at least libxml 1.8.8 for this version of

Hmm, because I havn't a printer I tried to skip it. The next problem
is when installing bonobo. It couldn't find "libIDL" library. And this
library isn't mentioned in the gnome-hint. I couldn't find it on
freshmeat either. After some searching with no I found the library on
my harddisk from prior lfs install :-}

Ok I have installed it and tried the configure script of bonobo again:

checking for libIDL >= 0.6.8... configure: error: not found

Whats happening? Hmm, I think its gnome-config that causes the problem 
because both configure
scripts run the folowing similarly:

gnome-config --libs libIDL 
gnome-config --modversion xml

and this says me that it don't know xml nor libIDL. I have tried to
compile and install gnome-libs again, but the result is the same.

My Question: Which package must be reinstalled to get a response from


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