Cross compiling (once again)

Kaj Merten Berggreen kmb at
Thu Oct 18 05:46:01 PDT 2001

Hej, everybody!

I flipped through the archives of the past few months but didn't find a 
solution or didn't recognize if there was one (if so I'm sorry).

The Mission is set. To keep it simple: I want what has been so
often discussed: A small linux system on a machine with very
limited resources (i.e. a 386, 8 Mb RAM, and till now only 40 Mb
hard disk running DoS). I fear I will need to buy a new hard
disk, but what is even more difficult to me, I don't want to
spent years waiting linux to compile on this machine.

Besides my standard linux system I have another 2 Gb partition
with a running newly created LFS 3.0 system on my Athlon machine.

Now I want this LFS system to be a fully i386 compatible system,
so that exchanging binaries between this and another system to
be set up on my old intel 386 machine is possible. Therefor I
want the gcc compiler to always compile for i386. That means
having it replaced by a kind of cross-compiler. After that I
need to recompile the whole system with this compiler and
adequate optimization.

Then I hope to be able to create a bootdisk for my old machine,
create partitions and a file system, mount my lfs system via nfs
and copy only the very neccessary files for having linux with
vi, and maybe lynx, pine and tex running. Which files that will
be is still another big thing to find out.

My problem is as follows as I know only very little about C and
C++ programming, I need to find somebody that would give me some
guidelines for doing this. I didn't find anything suitable in
blfs and only very little helpful hints in lfs hints.

Now I got some hints concerning setting the host-parameter of the
configure-scripts to i386-pc-linux-gnu and running the compiler
with CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS set to -march=i386 but those won't work
with e.g. gcc, glibc and binutils.

So what can I do to ensure that all programmes and scripts are
optimized for a 386 and all newly compiled programmes are
compiled for 386 by default? Which steps are therefor neccessary
to be taken.

Thanx in advance to anybody for helping me.


Kaj Merten Berggreen

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