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Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Thu Oct 18 03:36:07 PDT 2001

On 18/10/01 12:01 Mike Lundy wrote:

> I see a very large increase in mozilla's speed. Friends are also
> suggesting 
> that i forgo the chrome for gtk, for even more of a speed increase. Not 
> exactly sure how to get quantitative proof of this (suggestions?) but it 
> feels much faster on my 1ghz athlon.

More speed is always tempting ).  If I have a spare hour maybe I'll go for

Anyway, my point remains: I'm not saying we shouldn't compile it at all,
just saying I'd rather sit through a couple more beta releases before
"doing it all right".

On 18/10/01 18:24 Simon Geard wrote:
> What about using Mozilla-based browsers like Galeon? Can those be
> compiled 
> with only a binary Mozilla install? I too prefer the simplicity of the 
> binaries, given how complex Mozilla is to build, but I'd like to have a
> look 
> at Galeon and others.

I haven't tried Galeon yet, must have a look at it some day...

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