Some thoughts after finished installation

Simon Geard delgarde at
Thu Oct 18 03:17:50 PDT 2001

On Thursday 18 October 2001 06:58, Adolfo Delorenzo wrote:
> It's a pitty you are not going to use KDE, being that it has a very good
> file manager.
> Gnome has Nautilus that does a good job too. Personally I don't like Gnome,
> it gives me the impression that it's heavy and quite buggy at times.

Yes, I'm finding that too. We've just switched from IRIX based machines to 
Linux boxes, and in the process, we're forced to run Gnome (we used 
WindowMaker on the IRIX machines).

I have to say it looks and feels nice - it has all the features I need. 
Unfortunately, stability seems to be an issue - we run off thin clients - and 
we're getting a lot more slowdowns and similar problems than we did with WM 
on IRIX. I've also had a number of outright crashes when various Gnome 
components died (usually either Sawfish or the panel). I'm trying to convince 
the admins to put WM on the boxes, to see if that performs better.

As for Nautilus, we found it unusable. Simply running it was enough to 
drastically slow the machine for everyone else - they're high-spec machines 
(dual-P3 1GHz, 2Gb memory) but running *one* copy of Nautilus sent the load 
average up to around 5-6. Given our aim is to have around 8 people using each 
machine as a login host, that's dreadful.

Basically, the first thing we did after that was have it uninstalled, to 
prevent people from accidentally running it (e.g through Gnome help screens, 

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