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Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Wed Oct 17 18:39:54 PDT 2001

> Anyone knows a solution, or has an idea how to install only the needed
> files
> in /opt/Mozilla (that's where I want them)?

You have to copy the entire directory (/usr/src/Mozilla/dist, IIRC, or
perhaps /usr/src/Mozilla/dist/bin) to /opt/Mozilla, then run it as root the
first time.  Version 0.9.5 comes with a script which it says you need to
run for multi-user use.  That should all be in the build instructions dR
pointed to in another message.


Mozilla evolves on a 5-week cycle, so if you build it yourself you better
resign yourself to re-compiling it every 5 weeks.  The benefit from doing
it yourself is questionable because Nautilus and related stuff was written
to work with version 0.9.2, from a few months back.  Probably it'll still
work with 0.9.5, but I'd expect a few oddities.  

Aside from integration with Nautilus, there isn't a lot of other advantage
to doing it yourself because the binary installer you download already lets
you pick the modules you do and don't want - so you can still install just
the browser without the mail and news crap (that's the #1 customization I'm
interested in).  You can mess with the build parameters but when your
super-optimized custom version only has a five week lifetime, why bother?

Considering all that, I decided to just download the binary talkback
versions for now.  When they come out with version 1.0 and/or a new version
of Nautilus linked to a newer version of Mozilla, then I'll do it from
source again.

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