Some thoughts after finished installation

Ian Molton imolton at
Wed Oct 17 13:00:24 PDT 2001

On stardate Wed, 17 Oct 2001 15:58:34 -0200 (BRST)
Adolfo began the full scale invasion of earth with the following words:

> It's a pitty you are not going to use KDE, being that it has a very good 
> file manager. 
> Gnome has Nautilus that does a good job too. Personally I don't like
> Gnome, 
> it gives me the impression that it's heavy and quite buggy at times.
> ROX seems to be a very interesting alternative:

ROX is derived from the little known british computer manufacturer Acorns
'RISC OS' desktop.

its nowhere near as good yet, but it is showing a lot of promise.
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