Gregory Davis gdavis7 at umbc.edu
Wed Oct 17 12:00:53 PDT 2001

The ALSA webpage lists compatible programs and it shows KDE natively 
compatible with 0.5.x series but not for 0.9.xbeta series drivers.  I see 
no difference between the two with my sound card, except for KDE 



> I used the latest alsa drivers, and kdelibs couldn't find some headers in
> <linux/sound> while compiling an alsa reated file. Downgraded to 0.5.9b(i
> think) and it worked like a charm, must be alsa related then, i think...
> T
>>>> chris at stockwith.uklinux.net 10/16/01 02:07PM >>>
> MJ POLLARD MJ wrote:
>> I noticed that the latest beta alsa drivers is not compatible with kde. I
>> had to use the alsa-0.5.9b (i think) to get kdelibs to compile. Anyone
>> else out there with the same problem?
> It is not alsa; unless there are two packages with the same name.  Alsa is
> a sound driver.  I ran the script within it to set the sound devices up
> with the right permission, to get sound to compile.
> KDE-2.2.1 built file here. I used:
> qt-x11-2.2.3 and pcre-3.5, plus the usual stuff from the kde.txt hint.
> Chris
>> Will it be wrong to use the latest alsa-driver package with the old libs
>> lying around to compile and link to?
>> Thanx
>> T

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