Some thoughts after finished installation

Jeriko One at
Tue Oct 16 22:21:12 PDT 2001

Hey there,
I've just finished my installation of LFS (CVS Version, not a week old). So
I've made my thoughts about what to do with this fresh install. Currently, I
need the following:

1. a GUI. I like bash, but I also want comfort ;)
2. Sound
3. DivX
4. IRC
5. FTP
6. WWW
7. E-Mail

XFree is a clear thing. I've decided using Blackbox as window manager,
because it's simple (I mean not overloaded), fast, small, and good to work
with (in my opinion).
XMMS is a sure thing, I like WinAmp ;-)
DivX...I really don't have a clue which player is the best. Or what do I
need in order to play DivX Movies...
IRC...I've used KVIrc, when I was using Mandrake 8.0, but I didn't like it
FTP... only program so far that I know is ncftp, but its for console. I've
looked at the homepage of iglooftp, and this thingy looks very interesting
to me. Anyone had made some experience with this?
WWW... I thought of Mozilla, Netscape is too big and has "features" I really
don't need.
E-Mail... I don't have any idea what do I need to have E-Mail work for me.
Neither I have an idea which program to choose. I've seen Evolution, and it
looks great, but this one will only run on GNome (or not? :D )

So that's it. These are the points my LFS must have for me, in order to use
it. I hope someone could help me (suggest a program or something else) with
the divx, irc, ftp, www part of it. Or just make a suggestion, for example
if you think that xmms is a bunch of shit  ;-).

Be advised that I personally think I'm a newbie to experienced user in

Thanks for your help
    Jeriko One

P.S.: Sorry for my poor english, I wasn't the best at school ;-)

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