Trouble sending mail with 'nail'; it works in pine

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Tue Oct 16 12:43:09 PDT 2001

Björn Lindberg wrote:
> Adolfo Delorenzo wrote:
>> Why not use 'mail'?
> Because the only version of 'mail' that I managed to find was
> unmaintained and looked like a lot of trouble to install. Nail on the
> other hand is maintained and easily installed, there even exists a hint
> for it.
> Do you think using 'mail' would solve my problem?

Nail does a fine job.
No, I think the problem is not with nail. Comparing mail 1 vs. mail 2
in your log makes me want to ask about your /etc/hosts. Have a look
there. What does /etc/hosts contain?

Here is the relevant bit from mine: locutus.localdomain locutus localhost
    Do you have this alias in there? >---------<

I think you may not have this. Check and see =)
If you don't have it, then you probably would
also get an error if you try to ping yourself.

ping -c 4 localhost

Success or fail???

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