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Tue Oct 16 07:52:41 PDT 2001

Thanks, I'll look into that.  Why don't they just list that on  
Sorry about the sort of off topic thread.

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>Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 07:39:43 -0400
> > Can someone help me out?  what is the deal with mozilla and java?  I
> > installed the java2 plugin in mozilla and now it locks mozilla up 
>whenever i
> > go to a site with java stuff.  Is there some special secret to getting 
> > working?  I thought it could possibly be permissions but im not sure, 
> > the java stuff has exicute permissions.  But, I have no idea.  here has 
> > to be some way, or they wouldn't say that linux mozilla supports java.
> >
>The only java plugin that ever worked for me was the blackdown jre. The
>ibm and netscape jre both caused mozilla to hang on me.
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