Web Server LFS-style!!!!

Adam Armstrong admin at internorth.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 04:11:25 PDT 2001

As with the others who've replied, 

I'd suggest looking at Qmail (http://www.qmail.org),
Exim(http://www.exim.org) and Postfix(http://www.postfix.org) for email.
Or Masqmail, if the connection isn't permanent.

I'd recomment using the Maildir format, if you use an MTA which supports
delivering to it.

You'll need MailX, as it provides the standard /bin/mail command, the
source for this can be found at :
rig.tar.gz (not debian specific, just stolen from their source archive).

Something like  Procmail would be good too, to sort the mail out, and
Fetchmail/Fetchpop to grab existing email addys and feed them into local

As a webserver, Apache(http://www.apache.org) is unsurpassed in the free
software arena. Though, Zeus(?) has a following, but it's expensive.
For extra shiznits for the web server, PHP(http://www.php.org),
MySQL(http://www.mysql.org) for database backends, and look around
apache's module index on their site, there are some nice modules to play
For logging, get iplogger(?) it's good for logging tcp/udp/icmp

IPTraf is also good for seeing why your network is going slow, or

MRTG and SNMPd are used to generate graphs of bandwidth usage, which are
pretty, if anything..

For firewall/masq I have used Monmotha's IPTables firewall in the past,
it can be found on freshmeat, I'd suggest learning IPTables and
modifying it yourself though.

For Proxying, Squid(http://www.squid.org) is the standard web/ftp
caching proxy. Socks5(from NEC?) and Dante are useful too. If you want
to proxy irc connections (I always do ;) you can try Ezbounce or my
favourite, Psybnc, you can find these on freshmeat.net

For DNS, I use Bind 9, I'd advise against Bind 8/4 for security reasons,
you may also want to look at Djbdns, as it's said to be good, but I've
not tried it yet.

An Ident server is useful if you're going to be making any IRC
Oidentd can handle Masq connections and has some nice features.
Pidentd is pretty much the standard though.

Tripwire will alert you to any intruders you might get on your server.

well, that's all I can think of so far, I hope there's some stuff you
hadn't thought of in there :)

The Debian package lists, and to a lesser extent www.rpmfind.net, can be
invaluable in finding software, even if you don't want to use .deb or
.rpm, because debian carry also the source, and rpmfind.net often lists
the homepage of the program :)

Adam Armstrong
<admin at internorth.co.uk>

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Hi people!!

I'm thinking of offering Internet access to some company, and obvoiusly
i'll be running a linux server. It will also serve as a network
management workstation for the (approx) 40+ PC network (all running
winblows). Now this box has to do: DNS, DHCP, email, ftp, ssh, http(s),
samba, ip masq, firewall, router, logging, proxy (If anyone can think of
some other network service we might need, lemme know)

Of course I am building the linux from the LinuxFromScratch Book and was
wondering if you guys could suggest which software to use for all of the
above mentioned services, and maybe direct me to usefull sources of
information on all of the above.

Maybe (if i'm succesfull), i'll write a hint on all of this ;)


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