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Mon Oct 15 19:25:00 PDT 2001

Steve Bougerolle wrote:

>> I followed the tips "shadowpasswd_plus", but my system still uses DES. I
>> also followed the tips in the archive @

I remember that message...

> Even if MD5 is installed and working, programs like passwd won't use it by
> default.  Can I guess passwd is the place you're having the trouble?
> In login.defs make sure you set "MD_5_CRYPT_ENAB" to "yes"
> DON'T set it to "true" as I did at first; that doesn't work.  There's some
> tip file somewhere (maybe even the manual) which says to do that, and it's
> just plain wrong.

Here is my two penny contribution =)

After you make the relevant line in /etc/login.defs to be
"MD5_CRYPT_ENAB  yes", then any and all passwords that were created
prior to this change will still use DES encoding. Since this does not
happen automatically, you need to run /usr/bin/passwd for each account
that existed and already had a password. The newly created will use
MD5 encoding for the string.

This is mentioned in the my little shadow hint.

If my explanation is not clear, please tell me =)

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