Perl , binutils and various libs...

The Spider betelguese at
Mon Oct 15 15:20:11 PDT 2001

I know this is a little of topic for this list but help is however appreciated.

The problem is that when i try to compile Perl5.6.1 the configuration script says "/USR/BIN/LD  CAN'T FIND -l ndbm.......stop".
In the first part of the script  i also have noticed other libs are missing (-lgdbm  ,-lld and others) and i need these for compiling.

I feel stupid but don't know why i have not these libs. They are not included in glibc2.2.4 or some source that came with lfs?
Just an information: i run RH 7.1.

Any idea?

Thanks for help, 

            Stefano  "The Spider"  Ragno

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