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Marc Heerdink marc at koelkast.net
Mon Oct 15 15:17:22 PDT 2001

On Mon, 15 Oct 2001 14:48:33 -0700, "Jared Kidd" <jaredkidd at hotmail.com> muttered:
> well, I'm probably of no help to any of this but I have a few ideas. 
> First 
> of all, I remimber there was a long thread about this signal 11 on the 
> quake3 channel at news.lokigames.com (newsgroup).  I have not had that 
> problem so I didn't really read the thread, but I remimber it was issues
> with some sound cards and a via chipset.  I also have two sound cards in
> my 
> system but for a different reason.  My primary is an aureal vortex 2
> card 
> using pretty recent cvs drivers and a special "pci command thingy" that
> I 
> have to run in my bootup scripts or else my card will hard-lock my pc if
> I 
> play any sound.  That special pci thing is usually only required if you
> have 
> a via chipset (which i do, abit-ka7 mobo) and can be found in the bug
> fix 
> section of http://sourceforge.net/projects/aureal .  This card is
> working 
> great for me with the only acception of breakups in the sound durring
> the 
> Descent3 movies and maybe the insanely small buffers.  So I'm pretty
> happy 
> with it.  My other sound card is an old sb16 isa and I use it just for
> the 
> joystick port because you can't load the aureal joy port once the
> drivers 
> are loaded.  Just a couple of ideas.

I'm using it basically the same, except I did some hacking around in the source of the Aureal drivers to suit some personal preferences... I'm planning to take a look at the re-ing of the windows drivers (aureal_re in the CVS repository) and maybe commit something. But for now, the drivers just aren't good enough to use the Vortex 2 as my primary soundcard, so I'll stick with the Via onboard sound for a while.

I've read a lot about the sig11 problem, on q3world.com, linuxquake.com, idsoftware.com etc etc but none of all these resources provided me a satisfactory solution. That's why I'm asking for people with the same problems, so we can trace the source and kick ID... =)

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions :) keep em coming

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Marc Heerdink
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