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Stefano texstefano at
Mon Oct 15 15:58:23 PDT 2001

First of all sorry for the unusual replay, but i've accidentally deleted your 
email and i'm able to continue with this only cos i printed it.
You brought a light in my mind so i checked the /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file 
and i finally found out where the system caught the xterms and clock before i 
installed blackbox :-)
Well, these lines are not in that file:
if [ -f $HOME/.xinitrc ]; then
else twm &
xclock bla bla
xterm bla bla
xterm bla bla
exec xterm bla bla 

but it seems that i can fire up my personal  choices at X startup the same 
(excepts xv).
The thing i haven't noticed before is this: i can see my background image 
just for a millisec before the bb style takes the control, so I think that my 
background is UNDER ( ! ! ) the bb style.
I tried to comment out the style line in .blackboxrc but nothing changed.
I also tried to comment out the style block in .blackbox/menu...nothing.
Any idea?


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